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NYC punk band
The Bloody Muffs

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Infest the Midwest!

July 25, 2011 NY, NY

Sometimes it’s not so much what you know but rather who you know. No matter who or what you know their are 2 things it takes to make a situation work in your favor- hard work and determination. Meet NYC’s The Bloody Muffs. People in the NYC punk scene have called them “the hardest working band in NYC!” In just 24 months the band has gone from a fun local band to go have a drink and watch live to a quickly rising band on the national level!

Starting with 2009’s debut CD Heavy Flow and 2010’s follow up Sloppy Seconds, The Bloody Muffs have built a reputation for writing hook laden, catchy punk songs. The live show grew from a loose fun time to an all out party. In the fall of 2010 the band toured the USA for 3 weeks going from NYC to the Pacific Northwest and everywhere in between. Shows in the Midwest were so well received the band went back to Ohio and Indiana over the winter of 2011 making a serious impact in Youngstown and Cleveland Ohio.

In the Spring of 2011 The Bloody Muffs embarked on their second major tour through the Midwest for 2 weeks that built a strong fan base in several markets across the region.
Midwest radio has picked up on The Bloody Muffs with regular rotation on shows on FM radio in Youngstown Ohio, Milwaukee Wisconsin and Allentown Pennsylvania. Internet radio stations such as Rukus Radio, PRP Radio and FatCat Radio have played multiple songs on a regular basis. Podcasts from as far away as Italy have brought them to a worldwide audience.
This summer the band has found their hometown of NYC embracing them. Due to overwhelming demand they are embarking on 1 more trip into the Midwest from August 18-22.
August 18th starts the tour in Cleveland OH with the bands debut at the HIFI club and continues August 19th at Cleveland’s Spitfire Saloon for the 4th time in 10 months.

On August 20th they raise the bar by doing two shows in two time zones on the same day! First they return to The Funhouse in Schererville Indiana (Central Time) where in June the band was so well received by the all ages crowd that the venue and the band did everything it could to make this show happen- even moving the start time up by 3 hours! Immediately following their set they jump in the van and race to Indianapolis (Eastern Time) to play Punk Rock Night at The Melody Inn. Why would they put themselves through the chaos of two shows in different time zones only a few hours apart?

The tour comes to an end on August 21 in Toledo OH at Woodchucks.

Their determination and all their hard work has now put them in a position to rise to new heights! Demand is high for The Bloody Muffs right now. The plan is to record their third CD over the Winter, but people all over are trying to lure them back out on the road again before years end. It won’t be long before The Bloody Muffs are on the road more often than not!

See The Bloody Muffs in these fine
venues this August!

August 18 WorldStock Ent.Presents "Cleveland Punks Out" at the HiFi Cleveland, OH
11729 Detroit Road, Lakewood, OH 44107
August 19

Spitfire Saloon Cleveland, OH
1539 West 117th Street, Cleveland, OH 44107-5103
The Spitfire Saloon airs the show live via Ustream. So even if your not in Cleveland and your a MuffKatter, you can watch the show!

With Reel A Peel

August 20

The Fun House Schererville, IN ** All Ages **
1121 Lakeview Dr., Schererville, IN 46375

With The Product

August 20 The Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN
3826 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46208
August 21 Woodchuck's - Toledo, OH
224 S Erie St, Toledo, OH 43604-8608


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"Quit it Tilty! Your hurting
my nuts!" said father. Tilty quickly snapped back "Don't ever touch my booze again!"

Party In the "Muff Cave"

"Jonesy! I'm going to kick
you in the nuts!"(JC)
"Wait! Let me finish my beer first." (JJ)

Photo by Tobias Batz

Hanging out with the NYPD



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