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:: Breaking News ::
NYC punk band
The Bloody Muffs
Infest the Midwest!

Cities all over the central US are bracing for a bigger outbreak than the one that happened last fall. Cities like Youngstown and Cleveland have gone on alert after an epidemic spread throughout the winter. The small town of Lake Villa Illinois is bracing for its second infestation in 9 months as are Tulsa and St Louis.

This June it is expected to reach Pittsburgh for the first time. With epidemics throughout the Rust Belt it was only a matter of time before it reached the Steel City.

Outbreaks were seen in Cudahy Wisconsin last fall the epidemic is now moving farther north to Oshkosh.

In the fall Des Moines reported an outbreak but they are going to be spared this time as the infestation spreads West and arrives at Omaha. The infestation then shifts South into the Ozarks as it reaches Columbia Missouri before moving into Tulsa and St Louis creating a possible epidemic much like what has been seen in the Rust Belt.

Then there is Chicago, which has been spared so far. Last fall the outbreak reached suburbs just to the North. There is warning of a looming infestation that will reach just to the south in Schererville, Indiana. With outbreaks all around how long before it reaches the Windy City?

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"Quit it Tilty! Your hurting
my nuts!" said father. Tilty quickly snapped back "Don't ever touch my booze again!"

Party In the "Muff Cave"

"Jonesy! I'm going to kick
you in the nuts!"(JC)
"Wait! Let me finish my beer first." (JJ)

Photo by Tobias Batz

Hanging out with the NYPD



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