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Sloppy Seconds

3 Way Split

Blue Waffle Breakfast

The Bloody Muffs began with an acoustic guitar, a recording program, a laptop, a microphone and a dream in a Jersey City, NJ bedroom in 2007. Since then, The Bloody Muffs have developed into a national touring band. Beginning with the release of Heavy Flow in 2009 right through 2012's Blue Waffle Breakfast. the band has continually pumped out catchy, fun, vulgar, funny, and solid songs.

In fall of 2010, in support of their second album, Sloppy Seconds, they embarked on their first US tour, "Sloppy Seconds For The US". They have never looked back since. They braved the winter and went right back out in January and February of 2011 to solidify their standing in the Midwest with shows in Indianapolis, Cleveland and
Youngstown Ohio.

JonesyKat KaosJessica Carmen

Bringing It Back Vol. 1
The Bloody Muffs The Bloody Muffs  

The Bloody Muffs x-mas single

Punk You Compilation

Brown Bag Propeganda The Underground Collective Vol 3

No Sale Radio It's A Shit

Podunk Radio Punk Rock Comp Vol 1

In spring of 2011, they embarked on the 2 week Midwest Infestation tour that was followed in August with 5 more dates. When not on tour, the band built it's home town fan base with show after show in and around New York City. Many people in the NYC punk scene began to refer to them as "the hardest working punk band around."

At a time when touring bands were bypassing NYC, The Bloody Muffs went on a mission to bring the best bands out there to NYC. They came from Wisconsin, Vermont, Chicago, St Louis, Virginia, Connecticut, California, Nevada,Indiana, Pennsylvania, Montreal, and answered the challenge! A brand new scene began to emerge in NYC, one that continues to grow every day.

2012 saw the release of Blue Waffle Breakfast and 3 Way Split with Midnight Saints and More Beer Please. They started jumping on compilation albums such as; It's A Shit from No Sale Radio, Volume 1from Podunk Radio, Punk You Records Vol 2, Collective Underground Vol 3 from Brown Bag Propaganda, Bringing It Back Volume 1 from SBS Records, Music To Bleed To Vol 3 from Infested Records, and This Is
Now Vol 1 and Vol 2 from FYM Records.

The Bloody Muffs

The Bloody Muffs

Infested Records Music To Bleed By Vol 3

Fuck Your Mom Records This Is Now Vol 1

Fuck Your Mom Records This Is Now Vol 2


In Spring of 2012, they embarked on their most successful tour of the US, The Summer Of Drunk Tour, which broke them into major markets like Austin TX, Chicago, and Madison Wisconsin, while solidifying them in the markets they broke into previously.

2013 will see more of the same. Two compilations are already in the works (Bringing It Back Vol 2 and Podunk Radio Vol 2), more touring bands are coming to New York, and the band has its sights set on new markets to break into, a series of split 7" releases, and more fun. Join the party!



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